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Stay nice and toasty— AND MARQUETTE-PROUD —wherever you are!

Make a gift of any amount, and you’ll receive this Marquette knit hat. Stylish and cozy, this hat proudly displays Marquette’s logo and is constructed to keep you warm all winter long. Get your exclusive Marquette hat today before the temperature drops! 

Marquette student wearing the knit hat. Plus, a front and back view of the hat.

Limit one item per donor. Please allow three to four weeks for delivery. 

Please consider supporting our featured funds: 

Bridge to the Future 

Donations provide financial aid assistance to students whose changing economic circumstances jeopardize their ability to continue their Marquette education; it can be used for room and board, travel expenses, tuition and more. It’s an especially important fund when there are unforeseen situations like what we are experiencing today.

Student Affairs Excellence Fund

Donations provide a variety of essential – and immediate – support for our students, including our Backpack Program, which provides free groceries to any Marquette student who is having difficulty accessing affordable, nutritious food, as well as personal hygiene products.




If you have questions about making a gift to Marquette, please contact us at uagiftservices@marquette.edu or 833-684-0455. 

For more information, visit our giving policies webpage