Planned Giving - Life Insurance

Do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need to provide for your family? Consider making Marquette the beneficiary and policy owner. 

Couples often purchase a life insurance policy to provide for their young children, in case something catastrophic happens to dad and/or mom. After the children are grown, what happens to the policy? Often, nothing at all.

If your children are grown and you have a life insurance policy you no longer need, that policy can become a great gift to Marquette. By designating Marquette University as the beneficiary of this existing policy, you may be able to make a larger gift than you thought possible.

When you make Marquette the owner and beneficiary of a policy, you can receive an immediate income tax deduction for the current value of the policy. Also, your annual gift to cover the premium payment Marquette would take over may also be deductible. If tax deductions are not important, you can remain as the policy owner and simply name Marquette University as the sole or a partial beneficiary.

Contact your life insurance company and request a Change of Beneficiary/Ownership Form. Then designate Marquette as the beneficiary of your policy and, if you choose, the owner as well.

Contact our Planned Giving team to start a conversation.

The McCostlin Legacy:
Inspiration and Impact

Meeting on campus was part of a Marquette experience that remains present in Adam's and Beth's lives.

"I don't think I'd be the person I am today without a Marquette education." - Adam McCostlin, Bus Ad '06

Dr. Paul Andrews' Legacy:
Opening Doors for Veterans

When asked what provided him the greatest help in his life, Dr. Paul Andrews knew how to answer and how to pay it forward.

"I am getting more in my heart from this gift." - Dr. Paul Andrews, Dent '74