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Ignatian Promise Scholarship Initiative


What is the Ignatian Promise Scholarship Initiative?

The Ignatian Promise Scholarship Initiative is our effort to put new energy and intentionality behind all scholarship giving levels. A rallying cry to support our students. It encompasses the full spectrum of Marquette’s scholarship offerings and elevates awareness of scholarship as our top student need.

You can support scholarship in many different areas — from college-specific scholarships to need-based to giving bundles that fund both scholarship and the student experience. We also place special emphasis on unrestricted scholarship support, which helps keep Marquette accessible for ALL students.

We hope you’ll join us in this powerful cause.

Why Scholarship?

At Marquette, commitment to an accessible education is part of our founding purpose. Realities of tuition costs and shifting grant programs mean Marquette’s life-changing education remains out of reach for too many. When you support scholarship, you make it possible for Marquette students to receive an excellent education and a life-changing experience — for them, for their families, and for their communities.

Scholarships are one of the most direct and impactful ways to support Marquette students. Unlike student loans, a scholarship is a form of gift assistance that does not need to be repaid. By offering generous scholarships on par with our peer institutions, we can better encourage qualified students to “Be the Difference” and pursue a Marquette education.

Gone are the days when a summer job could pay the way to college. At Marquette, ninety nine percent of full-time undergraduates receive some form of financial aid. Chances are you or someone you know did as well. The Ignatian Promise is a wonderful way to complete the circle of scholarship and make possible the distinctive Marquette experience.

How Can I Help?

Scholarship aid tops every university’s wish list because it’s always needed. Here’s how you can help.

Annual Fund Scholarship Support 

  • Scholarship Funds: Support students from a specific college.
  • Blue & Gold Fund: Support our student-athletes.
  • Bridge to the Future: Support students whose unforeseen financial circumstances threaten their ability to continue at Marquette.
  • Urban Scholars Scholarship: Support high-achieving low-income scholars with a history of leadership and service.

Immediate-impact Scholarships 

  • Established at $50,000 and at $25,000 for fully unrestricted gifts.
  • Can be named for you, your family or someone you wish to honor, and provides the opportunity to learn about and meet your scholarship recipients.

Endowed Scholarships 

  • Established at $100,000 for undergraduate funds or $50,000 for graduate and professional-level funds.
  • Can be named for you, your family or someone you wish to honor, and provides the opportunity to learn about and meet your scholarship recipients.

Estate Gifts to Scholarship

  • Leave a legacy of scholarship support in your estate planning.

Champion a Specific Scholarship Cause 

  • Diversity
  • First-generation college students
  • Merit-based or need-based
  • Graduates from Milwaukee-area high schools
  • Graduates from Jesuit high schools
  • “Cura Personalis” Giving Bundles: Pair scholarship with support for Mission & Ministry, the libraries or Student Affairs

We’re called to keep the promise of accessible education. Will you?