Become an Advocate


One way you can make an impact during Give Marquette Day is to encourage your friends and networks to join you in supporting Marquette. Marquette partners with GiveCampus to host our platform for Give Marquette Day. On GiveCampus, spreading the word is easy, fun and rewarding because you know precisely how many clicks, gifts and dollars your outreach is driving — that’s right, you can track your impact in real-time, and even earn prizes!

Here’s how it works:


Step 1: Create a GiveCampus user account at Once you are signed up you are ready to promote Give Marquette Day!

Step 2: Log in to your GiveCampus user account and start using the following advocate tools:

  • Click on any of the sharing buttons. You can use the pre-populated messages, or create your own!
  • Create your own match or challenge: A match allows you to match dollars or donors as they come in, while a challenge is unlocked only if a certain threshold is reached.
    • Match example: “Anna Anderson is matching $20 per donor up to $400” OR “Ben Baker is matching $2 per $1 donated up to $1,000.”
    • Challenge example: “Charlie Cromer will give $500 if 50 donors give” OR ”Denise Duffy with give $1,000 if $1,000 is donated.”
  • Create a Personal Plea video to encourage others to join you.