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Planned Giving Myths

Myth #1: Planned giving is only for old people.

Reality: Donors of any age can make a planned gift. You just need to identify the gift that meets your needs and goals at your unique station in life.

Myth #2: Planned giving is only for wealthy people.

Reality: Donors of any wealth capacity can make a planned gift. Every gift helps and no gift is too small.  

Myth #3: Planned giving is complicated. You must be an expert to attempt one.

Reality: 90% of planned gifts are simple and anyone can make one. 

Myth #4: I can’t make a planned gift since I don’t know my future needs.

Reality: Several planned gifts, like bequests and beneficiary designations, are revocable and deferred until after the donor’s passing. Others, like gifts of appreciated stock, transferring ownership of insurance policies, IRA rollovers and real estate, are current gifts that allow donors to provide financial support to Marquette right away.

Myth #5: My family is too large to include the university in my estate plans.

Reality: Planned gifts often allow you to redirect assets that would otherwise be subject to taxes to benefit both your family and Marquette. 

Benefits of Membership

The St. Ignatius Legacy Society recognizes the generosity and leadership of individuals who remember Marquette University in their estate or planned gifts and inspire others by their thoughtful planning and support. 


The McCostlin Legacy:
Inspiration and Impact

Meeting on campus was part of a Marquette experience that remains present in Adam's and Beth's lives.

"I don't think I'd be the person I am today without a Marquette education." - Adam McCostlin, Bus Ad '06

Dr. Paul Andrews' Legacy:
Opening Doors for Veterans

When asked what provided him the greatest help in his life, Dr. Paul Andrews knew how to answer and how to pay it forward.

"I am getting more in my heart from this gift." - Dr. Paul Andrews, Dent '74